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 Some pharmacists Kazakhstan consider it necessary to reduce the period of registration of medicines. According to the representative of the farm Nobel Ilac Svetlana Kiel, two years since the release of the drug until its supply is unreasonably long time. Local farm producers do not have time to complete the task 50% of its own production by 2014, which is planned in the program of the pharmaceutical industry in 2010-2014.

"At the beginning of the year on the initiative of" SK Pharmacy "and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was amended in accordance with Resolution number 1729 which were announced new conditions for signing long-term contracts. We believe that these conditions are not feasible, "- said the representative of a pharmaceutical company Nobel Ilac Svetlana Kiel.
According to her, at present regulated by decree that the period from the date of manufacture of a medicament to the date of delivery shall be two years. "Unfortunately, two years will go only for the construction and commissioning of our new facilities. Then two years will be spent on the registration of medicines.
Thus, before the establishment of production and deliveries began to comply with all the rules under our laws require at least 4 years. In connection with this the "SK Pharmacy" has initiated a proposal that the registration period should be two years, we do not understand ", - complains expert.
It is worth noting that in 2014 there will be new power not only of Nobel Ilac. For example, in 2014, the plant will be completed oral agents Polpharma ». Two new pharmaceutical production in Semey and Pavlodar and by 2014 will be built Kazakh company "Romat."
In 2010, on the instructions of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has adopted the State Program of development of the pharmaceutical industry in 2010-2014., Which aims to reach 50% of its own production by 2014.
Under the plan, the new company must deliver drugs to the market of Kazakhstan, in time for 2015.
According to the association, "FarmMedIndustriya" Kazakhstan has 80 factories producing medicines, among them five largest plants produce 85% of Kazakh products. Foreign investors have invested in these plants $ 180 million
In September 2011 «Polpharma», an investor from Poland, became the majority shareholder in Shymkent JSC "Chimpharm" - the plant, which accounts for 55% of Kazakhstan's pharmaceutical products. He now operates under the name «Santo».
Second in terms of production (7%) in Kazakhstan is "the Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory", an investor since 2002, which is a Turkish Nobel Ilac.
Third in terms of production (5%) is the company «Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm LLP», which operates in the Almaty region. Previously it was a Kazakh company «Global Pharm». In October 2012, 60% of its shares acquired by investors from Turkey «Abdi Ibrahim».
In August 2012 the Russian group of companies "Pharmstandard" entered the capital of LLP "Karaganda pharmaceutical plant."